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Not Specified means that the developer did not provide information for this particular item. It is not equivalent to “No.”

General Information

Summary Paragraph

Love Notes is designed to support youth (16 to 24 years of age, including young parents) who are at risk for poor quality relationships and unplanned pregnancy. Love notes focuses on making wise relationship and sexual choices; ones that will assist youth rather than create barriers for achieving their education, employment, relationship and family goals. Love Notes is a new kind of program that integrates healthy relationship education with pregnancy/STI and dating violence prevention. The program appeals to aspirations rather than just emphasizing what youth should avoid. The program empowers youth with the skills needed to form and maintain healthy relationships and to make wise sexual decisions and plans for their sexual choices. Love Notes is trauma-informed; it supports youth in learning more about themselves, in making meaning of their past, and cultivating a vision of what they want. Youth acquire skills, knowledge, and confidence to reach for their goals. This curriculum is packed with lively activities that use real scenarios written by diverse youth and incorporates popular music, music videos, film, stories, drawing, and sculpting.

Curriculum Purpose

Love Notes aims to assist diverse youth and young parents (age 16 to 24)—especially those who may be vulnerable and economically disadvantaged—in building healthy and safe relationships and in identifying a personally meaningful context and pace for sex that is responsible and protective of health and heart. The goal of Love Notes is to move beyond a narrow health-based dangers and risks approach (while providing medically-accurate STI and reproductive health information) towards a holistic, integrated, and proactive approach of positive youth development, healthy relationships, pregnancy/STI, and IPV prevention.

Curriculum Type Healthy Marriage / Relationship
Edition 2012
Other Versions Available Y- Spanish
Total Hours 15.00 hours
Total Hours Flexible Yes
Frequency Thirteen lessons
Frequency Flexible Yes
Delivery Format In-Person
Optional Topic Areas Available Yes
Supplemental Facilitator Aids Available Yes
Curriculum Has Been Evaluated Yes
Other Languages Available Yes

Target Learner Characteristics

Age 16-24
Income Level Not Specified
Race / Ethnicity Not Targeted
Education / Literacy Level Not Specified
Relationship Status Cohabiting, Dating, Parenting, Single
Military Family Not Specified
Incarcerated Father Not Specified
Non-residental Father Yes
Multi-partner Family Yes
Step Family Not Specified
Expectant Family Yes
Parents Yes
Relationship In-Distress Yes

Contact Information



Basic Instructional Materials Instructor's Manual, Participant Workbook, Activity cards, CD with PowerPoints and handouts for each lesson and DVD clips; sample Primary COLORS Personality Style Tool; 4 large posters, sample HIV Facts, STD Facts brochures and Birth Control Pocket Protector; DVD on Human Anatomy and BirthControl and 2 short Scenarios USA films also available
Basic Materials Cost $399.00
Additional Training Costs Yes
Copies Can Be Made Yes
Discounts Yes

Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance is Available Yes

Evaluation Tools

Customer Satisfaction Survey Available Yes
Pre/Post Tests Available Yes
Additional Cost No
Test Grading Options Yes

Facilitator Requirements

Facilitator Qualifications Ability to positively relate to youth in authentic ways, have honest and respectful conversations, facilitate with activity-based strategies
Additional Teaching Requirements N/S
Technology Requirements Computer or projector
Instructional Approach Ease with active learning utilizing activities, media
Who Attends Youth (as individuals or couples) aged 16-24 of any relationship status; expecting or parenting youth
Group Size Not Specified
Facilitator Training Required No

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