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Not Specified means that the developer did not provide information for this particular item. It is not equivalent to “No.”

General Information

Summary Paragraph

Relationship Smarts PLUS (2013) is a lively activity and media-infused 12-lesson research-based curriculum for teenagers 13-18 years of age. It offers practical skills and knowledge for building healthy relationships—skills that will also assist teens in navigating the terrain of romantic attractions and sexual decision-making. Relationship Smarts Plus helps teens make sexual choices in the context of healthy self-development and healthy relationship development. Relationship Smarts PLUS starts with self-awareness and future orientation before moving into romantic attractions and developing healthy relationships. Topics such as attractions, relationship building blocks, principles for smart relationships, developing a realistic concept of love, ways to gauge the health and safety of a relationship and sexual decision-making are offered. There is an emphasis on dating violence prevention and on building communication and conflict management skills to empower teens in negotiation and assertiveness in their relationships. This program also addresses the role of social media in the lives of young people and through engaging activities encourages youth to develop standards and personal policies for their engagement with this technology.

Curriculum Purpose

Relationship Smarts PLUS breaks new ground by firmly embedding sexuality education and pregnancy/STI prevention into a comprehensive healthy relationship skills program. Relationship Smarts PLUS looks beyond the "do's and don'ts" of sex-- too often the focus of our conversation with teens-- to the context of sex: namely, relationships. The curriculum is designed to build knowledge and skills to empower youth to navigate the world of teen romantic and peer relationships and to build and maintain healthy relationships. It offers research-based communication and conflict management skills and has a special attention to dating violence prevention. Each lesson of Relationship Smarts Plus is packed with engaging hands-on activities used to build skills and knowledge necessary for making wise relationship and sexual choices. Relationship Smarts PLUS is designed to work well with diverse youth. It employs real world scenarios created with the help of many diverse youth as well as popular music, visual media, poetry and stories. This curriculum has been designed to be flexible for use in the classroom or youth settings outside of school. There are “Parent-Teen Connection” activities for each lesson specifically designed to prompt deeper conversations between teens and caring adults on these very important topics.

Curriculum Type Healthy Marriage / Relationship
Edition 2013
Other Versions Available Y- available for older, more vulnerable youth as the program Love Notes
Total Hours 14.00 hours
Total Hours Flexible Yes
Frequency N/S
Frequency Flexible Yes
Delivery Format In-Person
Optional Topic Areas Available Yes
Supplemental Facilitator Aids Available Yes
Curriculum Has Been Evaluated Yes
Other Languages Available Not Specified

Target Learner Characteristics

Age 13-18
Income Level Not Specified
Race / Ethnicity Not Targeted
Education / Literacy Level 8th-12th Grade
Relationship Status Dating, Single
Military Family Not Specified
Incarcerated Father Not Specified
Non-residental Father Not Specified
Multi-partner Family Not Specified
Step Family Not Specified
Expectant Family Not Specified
Parents Yes
Relationship In-Distress Yes

Contact Information



Basic Instructional Materials Instructor's Manual, Teen Workbook, Activity Cards, "Toothpaste" DVD, downloadable PowerPoint slides and video clips
Basic Materials Cost $484.50
Additional Training Costs Yes
Copies Can Be Made Yes
Discounts Yes

Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance is Available Yes

Evaluation Tools

Customer Satisfaction Survey Available Not Specified
Pre/Post Tests Available Yes
Additional Cost No
Test Grading Options Yes

Facilitator Requirements

Facilitator Qualifications Comfort with content and activity-based pedogogy
Additional Teaching Requirements N/S
Technology Requirements Equipment for video clips, music, DVDs; internet useful
Instructional Approach Comfort with activity-based pedogogy
Who Attends Individuals
Group Size Not Specified
Facilitator Training Required No

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