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Not Specified means that the developer did not provide information for this particular item. It is not equivalent to “No.”

General Information

Summary Paragraph

Divorce Busting is a self-help book by Michelle Weiner-Davis, who believes in the power of Solution-Oriented Brief Therapy and the role that it plays between couples who are considering a divorce. The book offers two major sections: the why to and the how to. The "why to" sections offers a rationale for couples staying together and working things out. And the "how to" section describes marriage enriching, divorce-preventing techniques.

Curriculum Purpose

Michelle Weiner-Davis' hope is that couples will begin using divorce-preventing techniques, as well as marriage enriching techniques, to fix their marriages and to decide against divorces.

Curriculum Type Healthy Marriage / Relationship
Edition 1992
Other Versions Available Not Specified
Total Hours Not Specified
Total Hours Flexible Not Specified
Frequency Not Specified
Frequency Flexible Not Specified
Delivery Format In-Person
Optional Topic Areas Available Not Specified
Supplemental Facilitator Aids Available Not Specified
Curriculum Has Been Evaluated Not Specified
Other Languages Available Not Specified

Target Learner Characteristics

Age Not Specified
Income Level Not Specified
Race / Ethnicity Not Specified
Education / Literacy Level Not Specified
Relationship Status Married
Military Family Not Specified
Incarcerated Father Not Specified
Non-residental Father Not Specified
Multi-partner Family Not Specified
Step Family Not Specified
Expectant Family Not Specified
Parents Not Specified
Relationship In-Distress Not Specified

Contact Information



Basic Instructional Materials Divorce Busting book
Basic Materials Cost $16.00
Additional Training Costs Not Specified
Copies Can Be Made No
Discounts Not Specified

Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance is Available Not Specified

Evaluation Tools

Customer Satisfaction Survey Available No
Pre/Post Tests Available No
Additional Cost No
Test Grading Options No

Facilitator Requirements

Facilitator Qualifications Not Specified
Additional Teaching Requirements Not Specified
Technology Requirements Not Specified
Instructional Approach Self-help
Who Attends Married individuals
Group Size Not Specified
Facilitator Training Required Not Specified

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