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Not Specified means that the developer did not provide information for this particular item. It is not equivalent to “No.”

General Information

Summary Paragraph

The curriculum is unique among parenting and family programs because it was developed specifically for children in high-risk families (in the initial trial, alcohol and drug-abusing parents). The program developers believed that to reduce risk factors in children of higher-risk families, it was essential to improve the family environment and parents' abilities to bond with, provide structure for, and guide their children. Consequently, the program developers created a parenting class, as well as a children's life skills class, and a family skills class for parents and children to practice together. All three classes are taught together in 14 weekly sessions.

Curriculum Purpose

The curriculum was designed to reduce environmental risk factors and improve protective factors with the ultimate objective of increasing more capable parents, healthier families, and personal resilience to drug use and other risky behavior in high-risk youth.

Curriculum Type Responsible Fatherhood / Parenting
Edition 2013
Other Versions Available Yes- Spanish
Total Hours 25.00 to 28.00 hours
Total Hours Flexible No
Frequency Weekly for 12 to 14 weeks
Frequency Flexible Not Specified
Delivery Format In-Person
Optional Topic Areas Available Yes
Supplemental Facilitator Aids Available Yes
Curriculum Has Been Evaluated Yes
Other Languages Available Yes

Target Learner Characteristics

Age 3-16
Income Level Not Specified
Race / Ethnicity Not Specified
Education / Literacy Level Primary School
Relationship Status Not Specified
Military Family Not Specified
Incarcerated Father Not Specified
Non-residental Father Not Specified
Multi-partner Family Not Specified
Step Family Not Specified
Expectant Family Not Specified
Parents Not Specified
Relationship In-Distress Not Specified


Basic Instructional Materials Leader's Manuals for Parents', Childrens' and Family groups; Parents' Handouts; Children's Handouts; Implementation Manual - as a master set on CD with license to copy for agency's own use
Basic Materials Cost $450.00
Additional Training Costs Yes
Copies Can Be Made Yes
Discounts Yes

Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance is Available Yes

Evaluation Tools

Customer Satisfaction Survey Available Yes
Pre/Post Tests Available Yes
Additional Cost Yes
Test Grading Options Not Specified

Facilitator Requirements

Facilitator Qualifications Commitment to families; interpersonal skills; knowledge and understanding of SFP
Additional Teaching Requirements Not Specified
Technology Requirements Not Specified
Instructional Approach Group classes
Who Attends Parents and children
Group Size 10 to 14
Facilitator Training Required Not Specified

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