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Not Specified means that the developer did not provide information for this particular item. It is not equivalent to “No.”

General Information

Summary Paragraph

Hold Me Tight is based on the idea that long term love between romantic partners is not only possible, but is our birthright and that we are all better and stronger human beings when we can find a safe haven and a secure base in a loved one's arms. Loving couple relationships are the basis of secure families, a saner society, and a truly human future for us all. In the first session, the facilitator teaches the core concepts of attachment and invites discussion. In the following sessions, each conversation that is outlined in "Hold Me Tight" (the book) is presented by the facilitator who offers a framework of key points for the conversation, invites discussion, and then introduces examples of the conversation from the DVD. Couples are invited to share their experiences of the exercises and given homework.

Curriculum Purpose

The goal of this program is to help couples repair, enhance and continually grow their love relationship. Participants will better understand romantic love- the pivotal moves and moments that define a relationship; better understand their own and their partner's emotional responses and needs; be able to describe and control negative interactions/spirals that create pain and distance; and be able to shape the positive moments of reaching and responding that create a secure bond.

Curriculum Type Healthy Marriage / Relationship
Edition 2nd
Other Versions Available Yes- The curriculum has been translated into Dutch – and in press with translations into German and Italian and Spanish
Total Hours 16.00 hours
Total Hours Flexible Yes
Frequency Eight sessions
Frequency Flexible Yes
Delivery Format Not Specified
Optional Topic Areas Available Not Specified
Supplemental Facilitator Aids Available Yes
Curriculum Has Been Evaluated Not Specified
Other Languages Available Not Specified

Target Learner Characteristics

Age Not Specified
Income Level Not Specified
Race / Ethnicity Not Specified
Education / Literacy Level Not Specified
Relationship Status Not Specified
Military Family Yes
Incarcerated Father Not Specified
Non-residental Father Not Specified
Multi-partner Family Not Specified
Step Family Not Specified
Expectant Family Not Specified
Parents Not Specified
Relationship In-Distress No

Contact Information



Basic Instructional Materials "Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love" book; "Hold Me Tight: Conversations for Connection" DVD; "Creating Relationships that Last: A Conversation with Dr. Sue Johnson" DVD; CD accompanying the facilitator's guide
Basic Materials Cost $109.00
Additional Training Costs Not Specified
Copies Can Be Made Yes
Discounts Not Specified

Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance is Available Not Specified

Evaluation Tools

Customer Satisfaction Survey Available Not Specified
Pre/Post Tests Available Not Specified
Additional Cost Not Specified
Test Grading Options Not Specified

Facilitator Requirements

Facilitator Qualifications Not Specified
Additional Teaching Requirements Not Specified
Technology Requirements PowerPoint; video capability
Instructional Approach The facilitator's main role is to create and constantly recreate a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere. Facilitators are group leaders and consultants who will also learn from participants about the ongoing dilemmas of keeping a love relationship strong. They are NOT primarily advice givers, problem solvers, or skill instructors.
Who Attends Individuals; couples
Group Size 4 to 30
Facilitator Training Required Not Specified

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